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Therefore, the leader needs to ensure that some ideas are supported before being discarded and that strongly opinionated team members do not overpower the others.By managing participation to ensure that every team member feels included and by encouraging a healthy discussion where ideas can be supported and debated, the leader will increase the chance of getting both the best solution and have the team be committed to the implementation of that solution.

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By evaluating real work situations we’ll determine whether or not we asked the right questions, considered alternatives and reached agreement on rules, roles and responsibilities.

Engaging interactive team challenges allow further practice of problem-solving steps in a low-risk environment that helps participants achieve greater competency.

If the interpersonal side of the problem solving is lacking, the acceptance of the solution won’t occur and the team won’t buy-in.

In order to improve the rational side of problem-solving, it’s important for the team to simplify the problem, keeping in mind that a problem well defined is half-solved.

Solving problems is at the heart of all we do, part of every aspect of work.

Whether your team is formal or ad hoc, managed or self-directed, leverage the power of the right process to find the best solutions and make your team the best it can be.

Where an individual problem is serious enough to warrant it, a dedicated problem management team should be formulated to work together in overcoming that particular problem.

The Problem Manager has a role to play in making sure that the correct number and level of resources is available in the team and for escalation and communication up the management chain of all organizations concerned.

The rational, logical part of solving the problem and the interpersonal dynamic at play within the team.

If the rational side of the problem solving isn’t done, the solution itself won’t be effective.


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