Proposed Analysis In A Research Proposal

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You should plan to take into account who is taking your survey (and how many of them there are) so you can slice and dice the data in a meaningful way that will inform any improvements you make.

For example, what if your overall satisfaction scores are low, but you see that all the students at your conference loved it?

But one of the most important parts of understanding the significance of your data—and figuring out what you need to do to improve—is identifying different demographic groupings by segmenting your respondents.

When you’re writing your data analysis plan, think about which groups you want to compare.

In the case of your education conference, it will be these two questions: From these two questions, you’ll know whether your conference was a success.

When you report back to your boss or decide whether to hold the conference again next year, this is the information you’ll look to, and it’s the cornerstone of your topline results.

And in order to achieve that goal, you came up with general research questions you’d like to get the insights on: Conference Feedback Survey Goal: To get feedback from the people who attended my education conference.

(I want feedback from attendees so I can assess my event’s strengths and weaknesses—and make targeted improvements accordingly.)Typically a data analysis plan will start with the questions in your survey that ask respondents to respond directly to your primary research question.

Because you want to gain a more insightful understanding of what your data means, organize your thoughts by attributing your specific survey questions to each general research question. Overall, do you think the conference provided too much, too little, or about the right amount of networking? In general, how would you rate the food at the conference? Do you feel the temperature in the conference building was too hot, too cold, or just right?

So when it comes to creating an effective final report, you’ll know exactly which data you need to answer your bigger questions.3. You performed an event feedback survey because you wanted to know where you need to make improvements so you can host better future events.


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