Purpose Business Plan

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This situation is complicated by the fact that many venture capitalists will refuse to sign an NDA before looking at a business plan, lest it put them in the untenable position of looking at two independently developed look-alike business plans, both claiming originality.

In such situations, one may need to develop two versions of the business plan: a stripped-down plan that can be used to develop a relationship and a detailed plan that is only shown when investors have sufficient interest and trust to sign a Non-disclosure agreement.

A business plan for a project requiring equity financing will need to explain why current resources, upcoming growth opportunities, and sustainable competitive advantage will lead to a high exit valuation.

Preparing a business plan draws on a wide range of knowledge from many different business disciplines: finance, human resource management, intellectual property management, supply chain management, operations management, and marketing, among others. a good business plan can help to make a good business credible, understandable, and attractive to someone who is unfamiliar with the business.

Typical structure for a business plan for a start up venture Cost and revenue estimates are central to any business plan for deciding the viability of the planned venture.

But costs are often underestimated and revenues overestimated resulting in later cost overruns, revenue shortfalls, and possibly non-viability.

They may cover the development of a new product, a new service, a new IT system, a restructuring of finance, the refurbishing of a factory or a restructuring of the organization.

An internally-focused business plan is often developed in conjunction with a balanced scorecard or a list of critical success factors.

Externally-focused plans draft goals that are important to outside stakeholders, particularly financial stakeholders.

These plans typically have detailed information about the organization or the team making effort to reach its goals.


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