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had long endured the hell of Pittsburgh's sweltering steel mills, but, seeking out the heaven that his mother had spun so many tales about, he's finally returned to the sleepy little speck on the map in Ireland in which he was born.

had long endured the hell of Pittsburgh's sweltering steel mills, but, seeking out the heaven that his mother had spun so many tales about, he's finally returned to the sleepy little speck on the map in Ireland in which he was born.

No matter how many decades have passed since Sean's family made the trip to America, Innisfree hasn't changed a whit. Sean is in Innisfree all of twenty minutes before inadvertently making an enemy of "Red" Will Danaher , a hulking brute who's long had his eye on the old Thornton cottage.

That bonnie redhead who so wholly entranced him...?

Innisfree isn't merely a backdrop but very much a character in its own right.

Even though the film avoids stamping any particular date on its setting -- for all we know, it may not even be a period piece -- that really doesn't matter.

Ford is so often described as a man's man, and a romantic comedy like The Quiet Man is not the most obvious fit for such a mold.

Every studio in Hollywood scoffed at the idea of shipping a film crew across the Atlantic for an arthouse project no one would bother to see.

"It's a silly little Irish story that won't make a dime," sneered Herbert Yates, whose Republic Pictures nonetheless opened up its checkbook and ended Ford's fifteen year struggle to see his dream realized. The Quiet Man would soon be nominated for seven Academy Awards, among them the first and only Best Picture nomination in Republic's history.

It ranked among the highest grossing films of 1952, and the appeal of The Quiet Man has not just endured but exploded in the many decades since.

What he comes to understand is that it's not about pounds or shillings at all.

I dunno if Sean's mother ever taught him what a donnybrook is, but by the time The Quiet Man draws to a close, he certainly knows.


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