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I have condensed a six-paragraph article into one single paragraph.As for giving source credit, since I name the author and title of the source at the beginning of the paragraph, I don’t need an in-text citation.

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A paraphrase lacks quotation marks because you aren’t directly quoting, but it still needs a citation because you are using a specific segment of the text.

Secondly, if you’ll quote), you’ll see that I condensed nearly four lines of text into three lines.

You translate what another writer has said into terms both you and your reader can more easily understand.

Unlike summarizing, which focuses on the big picture, paraphrasing is involved with single lines or passages.

When writing an academic paper, scholars must use in-text citations in parentheses followed by a complete entry on a references page.

When you quote someone using references a recent discovery of the word “elf” in an ancient text.

While similar to paraphrasing in that you use your own words, Summaries are useful because they allow you to mention entire chapters or articles—or longer works—in only one or two sentences.

However, summaries can be longer and more in-depth. In literary analysis essays, it is useful to include one body paragraph that summarizes the work you’re writing about.

I also placed everything the author used, both his own words and quotes, entirely into my own words.

I took a single paragraph of text and explained it in my own words—which is the heart of paraphrasing. Summarizing is on a much larger scale than quoting or paraphrasing.


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