Ray Bradbury Technology Essay

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Censorship is shutting out the information that’s not appropriate.

Clarisse was powered with self-awareness and reveals the absence of love, pleasure, and content in the story.

But society was focused on entertainment, and satisfaction and speeding through the relevance of life without no clue of knowledge.

In the article Symbolism and The Dystopian Tradition Rajita explains Humans who are so prone to accept technological advancement and its comforts should also preserve their human touch, morality, and above all values( Thakur, Diviya 5).

The trigger to the story was Clarisse, who was quiet and very anti-social.

She knew what was right and she stood up and made other realize it as well.

People would believe in themselves as well as understanding what’s going on around them as a society.

Bradbury uses the theme of censorship to show the value of the free exchange of ideas in a society.

In the article Social Criticism it says, The government doesn’t want people to question anything politically in a large scale, the society they live in, the rules and the acts laid down by the government because if they do, some problems may lead to the detriment of government ( Harmaoglu 1537).

The use of censorship shuts out the information that should be given to a society on what goes on behind the society and know just what they want them to know.


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