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Can you write down your main ideas for the essay in two-three sentences?All these questions will tell you whether you are ready to start.

Can you write down your main ideas for the essay in two-three sentences?All these questions will tell you whether you are ready to start.

Write down everything that pops up in regards to your subject.

Think about noises, colors, tastes, smells, sounds, pictures – everything you can imagine!

Reflective essay is a piece of writing that reflects certain life experience.

It can be compared to the diary entry, with the main difference that other people will read it.

Such kind of assignment appeals to implementing theory into practice.

In other words, you need to show the connection between a concept and your personal approach to its realization.Is it important for the paper or just interesting to you personally?After you eliminate all the extra ideas, you’ll be left with the best, most appropriate ones.Use adjectives which describe your sensory experiences.You can start with short phrases and use them to form complete sentences and paragraphs later.That certainly implies more requirements in terms of structure and coherence.Let’s take a look at what can reflective essay be written about: It is a type of writing that allows a student to convey what they have learned by perusing a certain type of material, be it an article, a lecture, or just some general experience.The difficulties may occur from the particular format absence. How does a reflection paper differ from other academic assignments, namely research writing and summary?Writing a reflection paper, you demonstrate your observation and thoughts.The key to success in composing a reflection paper is to find a balance between personal critical analysis and original concept.You describe the idea and reflect your personal conclusion at the same time.


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