Reflective Essay For Group Work

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It creates devotion, leading to trust among team members.Promotes Healthy Risk-Taking, working on a project alone will probably not allow you to think out of the box (Hanna & Nooy, 2009).As such, my biggest concern was that our team would not work well together, and our work may suffer as a result. The question and my contribution Our main question was "What is ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) ..more.

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As a result, I frequently found myself calling Matt and Jemima in the start of our first few meetings in order to find out where they were.

They both missed a third of the meetings we had, which undoubtedly caused issues around morale and the quality of our work.

Working as a team has many advantages, and one can also learn a lot as you get to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds, personalities, and characters.

It is always said “two heads are better than one,” working as a team results in better decision making and coming up with the best decisions which could not have realized when working as an individual.

There is an experience you acquire when working as a group or team.

Reflective Essay For Group Work

Group/teamwork requires dealing or working with individuals of diverse, character, attitudes, individuality, and sometimes of varied cultural background. - With this question you can talk about how we met over Skype and had discussions and then allocated tasks due to strengths and fairness.Our team was made up of three members studying online, so we used Skype to discuss.However, I learnt that the initial stages of team working are vital for building future success, as our team suffered greatly from a lack of initial cohesion and from some missed meetings.Finally, I learnt that, although I can produce great work by myself, this does not always equate to team success.The strength and weakness of our presentation STRENGTH I felt the pace of our slideshow was good, and the presentation itself was excellent, with the audience giving us their full attention and appearing to follow and understand us well. Conclusion I also learnt that I can deliver a presentation in this manner and engage people, and thus I will be more confident when approaching such tasks in future.Regarding teamwork, I believe that my learning was somewhat limited by the fact that our group functioned more as a family or group of friends than as a work team.This is because it allows me to better express myself and my ideas, and allows me to develop skills which will be vital in any future career: the ability to talk to people, obtain their attention, and establish a rapport.As such, I resolved to make sure that I put all my effort into researching, planning and delivering a first class presentation.One learns Conflict Resolution Skills when conflict arises in teamwork situations; team members are forced to resolve the conflicts by their own other than turning to other people (Alle-Corliss & Alle-Corliss, 2009).Experiencing conflict resolution first hand is a skill that group/team members can use to become well-organized persons there after.


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