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At AUT students are usually required to submit their assignments through Turnitin.Plagiarism is when you use someone else's ideas or words in your assignment and present them as your own.All types of information can be plagiarised - books, journal articles, websites, course notes, other students' work, even your own earlier assignments.Plagiarism or collusion that is not intentional or reckless If it's found that the breach is not intentional or reckless, you will have to participate in additional academic skills development.To ensure that you have not gained an unfair advantage, other actions may be taken, which could include: The outcome is recorded on a University register for seven years to document that you have been counselled about academic integrity rules.For an example, see assessment cover sheet (docx, 19kb).The cover sheet lists the documents you must read to ensure you understand how to avoid breaches of academic integrity.As a Monash student, you are required to: You are also required to submit an assessment cover sheet with any assessable work (except exams).This may be a hard copy or electronic document, as specified by your teaching staff.These are: Your faculty will be able to provide you with resources and support to help you develop study skills that uphold the University's academic integrity standards.We encourage you to complete the Library's online academic integrity modules, a set of interactive tools to provide you with practical skills and knowledge.


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