Scientific Research Paper Outline

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The purpose of the Introduction is to set the context for your paper, provide sufficient background information for the reader to be able to follow the information presented and inform the reader about how that information will be presented.

The Introduction should include the following: Contextual background → Aims → Contextual background → Technical background (assumptions) → Purpose of paper This is main part of the paper where you present your work.

Compare the following titles: The Abstract provides a brief overview of the substance of the paper, usually no more than half a page.

It is not an introduction to but a summary of the topic.

This is the most commonly used format for section headings in an informational paper.

Formulating Effective Communication Channels The Conclusion provides an effective ending to your paper.

This article will help you develop skills to improve your writing in Engineering and Biomedicine.

An important aspect of academic style includes the organizational conventions for reporting research.

The summary should do the following: Topic → Key features → Conclusions The Introduction provides the background information needed for the rest of your paper to be understood.

It is usually half to three-quarters of a page in length.


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