Security Guard Business Plan

Write a business plan for the security bodyguard business and apply for loan Startup costs for a security business are high because of additional expenses such as the required licensing to carry firearms, the cost of criminal background checks on employees and regular security training to update skills.Security bodyguard business owners will have to pay for office space, advertising, salaries, insurance and other general business costs.

To maximize the number of visitors to your site, incorporate keywords and phrases, such as "private security services" and "security guards." Also try to incorporate local terms potential clients would use, such as "Birmingham security firms" or "Tampa private security company." This makes it more likely that local customers will find you close to the top of their search.

Blogging is a smart way for the head of a company to establish himself as an expert in the field.

The opportunities to start a security bodyguard business have never been greater as demand grows for business leaders and other high profile individuals such as journalists, activists and others seek protection. Individuals seeking to start a bodyguard business without prior security experience will find it extremely difficult to find clients.

Few clients are willing to trust their security to an inexperienced business owner.

Peer received her Bachelor of Arts in English from York University.

The threat of global terrorism and kidnappings has caused an increase in the demand of bodyguards.

Just in 2009, there were 70,951 global incidents of terrorism.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, of those incidents, 7,604 were kidnappings.

It's a simple step but one owners of many smaller companies often ignore or are too shy to do; just leave extra business cards.

Find businesses that are in a similar field or cater to a similar target audience -- for example, a private investigator who doesn't do security or a limo service that caters to wealthy clients -- and agree to refer customers to each other.


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