Short Essay On Health Is Wealth

Short Essay On Health Is Wealth-2
Rich people are taken effect by money pressure, it make their life uncomfortable when always have to think about money and how to make money.

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The purpose of doing so is to be able to supply our daily needs and make ourselves happy by spending on luxuries.

Without good health, no matter how much one spends on material things, that person will not be able to enjoy them to the fullest.

If this goes on, naturally the lazy fish and bird will not live healthy live, and neither will all of us.

Long time ago, our great, great grandparents kept strong and fit in their livelihood by hunting and farming, which included ploughing, planting, harvesting, and running after the same fishes and birds.

Our outlook will be positive, our mind will be alert, our eyes will sparkle with enthusiasm and intelligence, and we will live a most meaningful life.

The truth is good health does not take care of itself, and if we think it will, we may well lose it. Therefore, health is more important than wealth as wealth is useless without health.Another point in favour of health is that if you were healthy, you would be able to gain wealth. If a person is healthy, he would be able to find work or carry out investments that could eventually make him wealthy.Let consider, health is the necessary condition while wealth is the sufficient condition. Bus as you can see, the necessary condition is always more important.A certain fact is that we can’t buy health with money.For example, a person who is unwell would not be able to eat everything he wants to even though he could afford to buy the most expensive food.A person who is will not be able to enjoy vacations in exotic places even if he owned a private plane.Today, there are still some deseases which have no cure .wealth doesn’t always make life more healthy and happily . Afraid of being killed of kinapped for your fortune will speedily harm your health and shorten your longevity.Today, most people suffer from all different kind of diseases like high blood pressure, gout, heart attack and stress-related disease which cost the world billions of dollars.The world should now stop eating and sleeping like a pig, and take on some exercises.


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