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Ensuring that this liberty of thought and action is not used to belittle or diminish the beliefs and status of others is what constitutes a decent society.

Ensuring that this liberty of thought and action is not used to belittle or diminish the beliefs and status of others is what constitutes a decent society.Democracy creates opportunity to pursue one’s chosen ends as well as respect others’ rights to do so.

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"WE THE PEOPLE of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America." Preamble of the United States Constitution, 1787. Numerous judicial and legislative authorities have commented upon the utterly destructive consequences of such violations of the organic law.

The words "We the People" identify by whom the Constitution was ordained and established. In discussing trespassing the Preamble by altering the posterity of free whites, the Honorable R.

Understanding the importance of fraternity or solidarity and the knowledge that we all belong to a large community, a nation and the globe is also to discover our innate humanity.

It is only we recognize our interdependence then we empower to help build a peaceful nation and a world.

Freedom and justice remain mere words if equality is not ensured.

It implies freedom from exploitation and ensuring to provide opportunities for individual’s development, irrespective of the background, gender, cultural or socio-economic identity and status.are nurtured right from the beginning, the efforts will go a long way to enable students abide by the Constitution and contribute to larger health of society and nation at large.In fact, promoting values at the school or societal level begins with the individual and the individual in relation to community, larger society, nation and the world.It provides the baseline in working out the framework of values to be nurtured in students.If values like truthfulness, sense of responsibility, trustworthiness, loyalty, love, peace, respect for others etc.The words "to ourselves and our posterity" declare to whom the benefits and protections embodied therein were to apply. Toombs said in 1856; "- - - Therefore, so far from being a necessary and proper means of executing granted powers, it is arbitrary and despotic usurpation, against the letter, the spirit, and the declared purpose of the Constitution; for its altering the Preamble exercise neither 'promotes a more perfect union, nor establishes justice, nor insures domestic tranquility, nor provides for the common defence, nor promotes the general welfare, nor secures the blessings of liberty to ourselves or our posterity,' but, on the contrary, puts in jeopardy all these inestimable blessings.These words further serve to confirm by whom and for whom, the government thus established, was to be administered. It loosens the bonds of union, seeks to establish injustice, disturbs domestic tranquility, weakens the common defence, and endangers the general welfare by sowing hatreds and discords among our people, and puts in eminent peril the liberties of the white race, by whom and for whom the Constitution was made - - -" There is nothing evil or unfair about these sentiments for separation of races is a fundamental tenant of Biblical law (Deut 7:3-4; Num 25:6-8; Ex -16; Neh ; Lev ; Ezra ; Ex ; Neh 13:3; and, Is ), and is essential to self preservation.It is the basis for creativity and exploration of new ideas and experiments that can advance social progress.Respecting the rights of others to liberty of thought and action are the hall marks of a civilized society.Threats to humanity from climate change, globalization, emergence of technological choices, violence, terrorism, commercialization of education, the increasingly competitive environment and the aspirations of parents place a tremendous burden and add to the stress and anxiety on children. The disorder of the society and the world surfaces in schools in many ways.Further, there are disadvantages in education arising from inequalities of gender, caste, language, culture, religion, disabilities etc.


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