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Small Business Enterprises are those enterprises, which are the micro entities or small companies and fall in the limit of small and medium size enterprises.The present research report speaks in volume about the two case studies.This current report comprises of detail study about both the companies.

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The firm has also strengthened its brand position in the beauty and cosmetics products, which makes them successful in their industry.

Weakness of Boots is in terms of its competitors is that they have tuff competition with the grocery retailers of UK who are selling the same products in differential price and with heavy promotional activities (Mc Donald, 2010).

The first one is “Boots a private limited company”, which deals in project of health care and beauty products.

And, another one is “Mc Donalds a fast food restaurant company”.

Producing business objectives and plans for Boots: Leading objectives of Boots is to focus on the looks of the people and help them to look better and through this they also wants that their customers to feel best by using their products.

The firm also wants to accomplish its objectives by delivering best services in the sector of health and beauty products.The core business plan of the Boots is: Revise business plans to incorporate the changes for Boots business: To incorporate the changes for the business of Boots, its plan should be revised.Their plan should be revised according to the current situation and conditions of the market and this can be achieved through fulfilling the needs and wants of customers.The organization also suffers from the global slump and has more competitive pressure from its competitors.The main weakness of Boots is that they face intense competitive pressure from its competitors and these can be overcome by the firm by offering the products at some low prices in comparison to its competitor’s products.Boots already sell their products of different brands such as Armani, Gucci, Dior, Channel, Diesel, Calvin Klein, Versace etc.So, they can expand their business by selling the clothes of these brands.Though small in size such business activities cover almost any area of business via manufacturing, mining, wholesaling, retailing service and the like.It is now well recognized that small businesses are the largest employers with lower investment per job.Elaborating the improvements in the performance of the business over a given timescale of boots: After its initiation of the business Boots has accomplish lots of improvement in their business: From the above study, it has been concluded that both the companies that is Boots and Mc Donald have maintained their brand name in their respective industries and providing best quality of products to the customers all over world.Small business Small business is an integral part of the total business scene in any country.


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