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My data that I will use to find if it is truly a large sphere of influence will be completely random, this avoids all chances of bias and increases the accuracy of a fair investigation. Pedestrian Count On each transect I will complete 2 pedestrian counts.

I will be splitting up the CBD into three transects, these three transects are main streets. On the streets I will face down the street and count how many people go past for a certain amount of time (specified later), then I will face the other direction and see how many people are traveling in the other direction of the street. This count does not directly answer a key question but helps me to establish an idea why Newcastle has such a large SOI (Sphere of influence), for example a lot of the people on the street would be there for that particular transect, it would also be useful to find out which transect is busier.

Metro Center The Metro Centre was built in October of 1995.

Located in Gateshead, the massive shopping mall has the widest variety of shops you can find in the whole of the UK.

That is why big companies place their shops that sell high order goods in the city center, because the shop sells high order goods such as TVs and furniture, people travel greater distances to shop there. Investigation My investigation is to find why Newcastle has such a large sphere of influence.

I believe it is because there is a high number of a shop and offices in the CBD so therefore people travel further to go there.Sometimes called its catchments area or hinterland.There is a minimum amount of people needed to support a service e.g. An example, it’s on average 100 000 people required for a large sized shop, and 50 000 for a medium sized one.I believe the shopping centre attracts a lot of tourists that go to Newcastle because of the huge range of things to do for everyone.Sphere of influence The sphere of influence is the area served by a settlement.This shows that this street was the least busy of the three transects, this is logical as this street had the lowest amount of shops and popular services.Table 3 Table 3 has the median total pedestrian count (125 in total) this shows that the street must have had some services that the general public use, with a higher shop count than transect 2, it is logical to assume that it is more popular because of its shop count.This is probably one of the most important forms of data collecting, as it will definitely give me and understanding why people are visiting the CBD and anything that effect them visiting, e.g. Environment Survey To do the environment survey we chose which was the best score that sorted the environment, e.g.if we thought the street looked ugly we would choose a number that was closet to the description This backs up why people would want to visit that area, or not in the case of negative reports, e.g. Data analysis Table interpretations on the map of Newcastle Gateshead.This will show the spread of the types of building there is on the transects.Questionnaires Questionnaire will be done by asking random pedestrians he questions on the questionnaires while showing them the available answers, so their reply is fair.


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