Stanford Admissions Essays Opening Lines

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The good news is there are people who think about this stuff all day long, and they want to share your secrets with you.

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( Dive Into The Action “I thought being chased by a bear was the worst thing that could happen to me that day.” It begs you to read more, and they’ll beg you to come to their school.

( 5 Fresh Approaches OK, you’re a high-concept person: maybe sample sentences don’t help you.

( Follow 5 Steps: Create a Masterpiece You don’t have to write the essay in one sitting, you know.

One step at a time, you can break the process into manageable tasks. ( Answer the Questions, and Be Brilliant Get the down low on the three most common college admission questions and discover time-tested strategies for answering them.

“Elite schools are going through so many files that if you don’t grab them fast, they are going to read the rest of your essay to see if you make some terrible mistake.

They won’t be reading you for content anymore.” How good is opening sentence?( FAQs About College Essays Scan the list of what most students want and need to know about the college admission essay.You’ll probably find a question you didn’t ask, but should have!That means you need a plan for your essay: smart, tight, and powerful.Choose your approach: before your type the first word it’s great to have a grand strategy.It’s a competitive process but you can make your essay shine.( “If your first sentence isn’t compelling, it doesn’t matter if you write the Magna Carta afterwards,” says admissions expert Steve Peifer.( 7 Tips From Meh to Amazing Actually these seven ideas are more than tips.They’re the bedrock of building a strategy for a standout essay.There’s no best way to start an essay; just make sure you grab their attention.But if your opening it makes them want to keep reading, you’re on your way to standing.


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