Starting Your Own Party Planning Business

There is much to ponder when it comes to legal issues in certain small businesses; for instance, naming your business.

If someone happens to notice you have named your business with the same name as theirs, you'll likely wind up in court and chances are you'll lose, if you don't change it.

This can wipe out your personal and business assets if the loss is serious enough.

If you are planning on working with another event planner, you are basically forming a partnership.

Suddenly a table candle is knocked over and the table covering catches fire.

While staff grabbed the fire extinguisher, as a precaution, guests were led from the room.

A DBA is necessary if you want to open a bank checking account under your business name, or other than a Sole Proprietorship, which is under your own name.

All states differ in their regulations regarding DBA Filing.

Even when times are tough, people still want all the bells and whistles to celebrate their special moments.

Planning social events is a good choice because the social event is practically recession proof.


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