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The fact is not that African Americans cannot perform as well as white people when it comes to taking test or even for a woman to want to be a soldier or a firefighter because it is geared towards more men.

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Aside from the cultural Stereotype threat there are other examples that have been shown in studies in regards to gender such as women not being able to do as well in mathematics as males, some sports, or even in some careers.

Over many years there had been certain roles that were always assumed to be for a certain sex; however in time those roles have slowly reversed in some ways.

Although in many cultures there are certain roles that are still considered women roles or men roles, in the America there are women that are taking on careers that have always been considered for a man.

For an example of stereotype threat for gender, a woman deciding to become a police officer can have the same type effects if they go into the role feeling as though this is a man’s job and maybe they cannot finish it through nor do it as well as a man.

That is the very real effect of stereotype threat that plays amongst our young black students in school right now.

The truth that is not faced is in the many generations of this threat that African Americans are expected to score below other classes of people or that they are lazy and will not even finish school.

The test for social sensitivity was used to test the ability to interpret accurate expressive behaviors by noticing nonverbal cues.

This test was used to show the ability of men and their social skills versus a woman.

For a women going into a role already having the feeling of not doing something as well she may in fact not perform as well and in some cases tend to perform poorly.

There are many different examples that can be seen as a stereotype threat.


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