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X-Rays are form of ionizing radiation & can be dangerous in some cases.Patients usually wear metal sheet while facing X-Rays to weaken the harmful effects.

It is capable of giving information about the condition of the tissues and organs of the body.

It has more benefits than other methods, providing the details regarding the form and present status of the part being monitored.

Everything is possible in the mind of a scientist, just as God does not deny the fact that everything is possible if we believe Him.

read more A developed country takes anchor on the fact that its citizenry is well informed and highly educated people. Democracy and development stands at par with information since democracy stands under the premise that its citizens are intelligent enough to make their own decisions and are capable of leading the country towards development (Study in the USA, 2008)..

read more As the chairman of the Department of Anatomy, University of Chicago, Shubin insists for us to trust that his discoveries are credible.

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In the third chapter of Your Inner Fish, he claims to have found genetic evidence for similarities between humankind and the animal kingdom.X-Rays are also known as Roentgen Radiation (Peter, 1995).X-Rays are being used in number of fields; they are widely used for Radiography & Crystallography.What is more, the discoveries of Shubin related in the third chapter of Your Inner Fish open for scientists a new world as far as medical science and the science of genetics are concerned.Perhaps human beings would be able to treat their deformed limbs with the genes of creatures from the animal world in the near future.As shown by the increasing influx of immigrants here in the United States taking a shot at the American dream, it is evident that they find our country a land of opportunity (CBS News, 2008).Plus the fact that more and more students choose to study here, we assume that we take pride in the quality of education that we have.For the past years now with the fast improvements done, MRI has come to be the preference for many more Technology has come up with a lot of advances and further development in the lives of humans.The cis and trans configurations of fatty acids affect the melting point even if the fatty acids have similar formulas.The trans-fatty acids have a relatively high melting point and are likely to acculmulate and clog arteries as they stay in solid form (Mc Murry, 2003).


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