Technology Friend Or Foe Essay

The ideal world would be one which was described by intel, (ibid) where since, “we would never teach a child mathematics without teaching them manners therefore we should get to a point where machines aren’t just smart but also wise.” This signifies that there will always be more attempts at improving machine performance and by the time saturation is reached, there might be a human clone fully developed through machinery and electronics, (West, 2007) There are a number of advantages of Artificial Intelligence but at the top of the least would be an increase in efficiency and performance.

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With a smarter machine industry, there is room for newer and more improved technologies as there is less labouring over routine activities.

When a machine has been programmed, it is able to further the task goals and this it would do with a considerably higher speed therefore leaving room for the human being to try out other tasks and technologies, (intel, 2017).

For instance, man would fall sick, take lunch breaks and need sleep.

Needless to mention stealing a few minutes for social media interactions which when compounded result in shocking hours of non-production.

T, 2012: pp32) thereby implying that exposure to an environment is bound to make ability intensified from the interactions of the surroundings and so machines in their turn will respond to their immediate environment and with the increases in transistor circuiting density, knowledge of even more human abilities will accrue. A, science is based on meta-beliefs of a given “reality.” Technology has the ability to acquire more knowledge beyond that which it is fed on a deliberate level by human programming.

There are several definitions of AI but they all amount to the surmission that human beings are developing a world where machines and computers are able to carry out human tasks that were once considered impossible to program such as archetypical cognitive tasks of vision and an understanding of the natural language.

The result will be a machine that thinks and acts as naturally as any other human being, (Dellar A. Functions in which AI has made some considerable impact include; the finance sector, medicine, science and education by augmenting human capability, (Emspark J, 2016).

What it simply means is that the era has come when human beings can program a machine and sit back to watch it perform and then some more when it goes beyond the general programming meta.

Following from Moore’s law, each increase in transistors per each dense integrated circuit will result in improved efficiency each two years, therefore the abilities of the machines and computers can only be increased, (Batten and Pere, 2006).

Developing AI is an on-going phenomenon and the results are predictably improving with time following the ambitious pursuits of mankind.


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