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Include the purpose and objectives of the document, detailing what and who it is for (e.g.the processes required to resume normal business services and the timeframe in which this should happen).Recognizing that some services or products must be continuously delivered without interruption, there has been a shift from Business Resumption Planning to Business Continuity Planning.

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Having a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place can protect your company from financial and reputational damage by equipping you with the tools to resume normal business functions in the face of disruption.

By detailing the actions and procedures required to recover from a service disruption you will be able to take steps towards mitigating the risks of service downtime and be resilient to unexpected interruptions to normal business processes.

This publication provides a summary and general guidelines for business continuity planning (BCP).

While governments, not-for-profit institutions, and non-governmental organizations also deliver critical services, private organizations must continuously deliver products and services to satisfy shareholders and to survive.

Lay out the scope of your plan, which areas of the business it covers, scenarios addressed and any key personnel and vendors it affects.

It is also a good idea to use the introduction to note down the revision and test history of the BCP, other locations where it is stored and useful contact details so that this information is immediately available to users in the event of a disruption.

Although a BCP should be unique to each individual company, following a template can help ensure that you include all the vital information required to create a comprehensive recovery strategy that fits your business needs.

The introduction of your BCP is your opportunity to lay out what you want the plan to achieve.


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