Ten Steps Essay Writing

However, that doesn’t mean that you should stop trying.

Just as any other student, you can also become a better essay writer if you follow the right steps and implement proper strategies.

This will be the main point that will serve as a base for all arguments, so make sure you construct a clear sentence that identifies the purpose and essence of your paper. Drafting an outline is not a loss of time; it’s a step that will keep your thoughts focused on the goal.

Plan the entire structure of the paper and describe each paragraph with a short sentence.

In the introductory paragraph, you should grab the attention of your reader and lead towards the thesis.

You can insert a fun statement or quote in the introduction, just to make it more captivating.

Visit the library, use reliable academic databases and browse through credible online sources.

It’s inevitable to take notes during this stage, so make sure to stay organized and note down the source of the information you are going to use in your paper.

Remember: every paragraph should be associated to the thesis.

Make sure to follow the outline and stick to a logical flow that won’t lose the attention of your reader.


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