The Card-Stacking Strategy Critical Thinking

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I was astonished and thrilled with all of your thinking skills when I read some of the posts here, and I want to be somewhat like you.With that all said, what are your advice on becoming a critical thinker?

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Used both for and against causes, this strategy transfers the authority or status of one person or institution onto another.

When Obama invokes the names of Abraham Lincoln, or FDR, or JFK, or MLK, he tries to transfer some of their charisma onto him.

Visit Stack Exchange Philosophy Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for those interested in the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence. Sign up to join this community I am a freshman engineering student going to college.

I want to learn how to think critically and to become a critical thinker and a sharp arguer.

List the accumulated justifications for war: weapons of mass destruction, destroying a dictator, regime change, establishing democracy, fighting terrorism, securing the flow of Middle Eastern oil. Look for a candidate staging a speech in a stadium.

Those for the war would support such card stacking; those against would argue those justifications fell like a house of cards. Look for words like “journey” and “battle” and “movement” and “march” and “mandate for change.” Tyrants are especially good at this: Hitler used cinema to capture and romanticize huge rallies in support of the Third Reich.

I am interested in philosophy, because I am curious about the world, creationism, and everything, and philosophy answers many hard questions.

I plan on taking a course or two in philosophy, because I want to improve my critical thinking skills.

A useful distinction, one made in this 1937 essay and by Aldous Huxley in 1956, reveals the difference between “emotional” propaganda and “rational” propaganda.

Lapel pins, bumper stickers, flags, banners, dogs, little children, tearful supporters, dead relatives, slogans, catchwords, music –- all appeal primarily to our emotions.


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