The Lottery By Shirley Jackson Thesis

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As Marshall (3) suggests, the use of protagonism in this short story is a real reflection of how people are deeply engraved in hypocrisy and wickedness. Hutchinson, who emerges to protest and rebel against lottery, emerges as the victim of the act of lottery the day she was going to protest against it.

This retracts all acts of rebellion against the act of lottery, and everything goes on as usual.

Jackson’s “The Lottery,” demonstrates how violent some traditions may be.

In many cultures today, traditions still exist like the lottery.

This is reflected by her action of selecting a large stone ‘so large that she had to pick it with two hands in anger of ….” (Shirley 76).

More so, the unfolding of events in this short story seems as if Jackson is revealing the hypocrisy and evil-nature of human kind.

“It isn’t fair,” Violence is also a very important theme in Jackson’s “The Lottery.” “”It isn’t fair,” she said. Jackson is showing her audience that the stoning has begun. a stone hit her” suggests that Tessie Hutchinson believes that the lottery is not fair.

It also suggests that the villagers show no mercy for her and continue on with the stoning until she was killed.

Despite the short story being not insidious until near its end, the author seems to be foreshadowing this notion of deadliness as brought out through M. Summers in this short story makes him seem a respected man as he coordinates various social activities. Summers, yet a very dangerous one is reported by Shirley (282) that, “Mr. with one hand resting carelessly on the black box, he seemed very proper and important as he talked interminably to Mr. Such activities may seem normal with regard to the village norms, but they reflect high degree of human rights violation.

Summers, who is in charge of lottery, and his colleague Mr. The main characters used in this short story depict the mood of the actual events in this short story. Graves, who happens to be his assistant in activities of lottery, prefigures iniquity of ordinary people.


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