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At it’s core is the basic idea that value is provided in the form of business-aligned IT Services.

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Click Here for the Official ITIL® Website ITSM can be implemented in many ways, including the adoption of ITIL.

Many organizations adopt ITIL in addition to other complimentary frameworks like Cobit, USMBOK, Lean/Six Sigma, Lean IT, Dev Ops, PRINCE2.

Whereas ISO certification is an all-or-nothing deal, ITIL can (and should) be adopted as-needed to meet the unique needs of the company.

ITIL has a well established training and certification scheme, starting with ITIL Foundation.

The ITIL framework can help organizations establish and improve their overall IT Service Management capability, increase alignment with the business, maximize and demonstrate value to the business.

ITIL doesn’t tell how, or how much of the framework to adopt, allowing organization the flexibility to adopt the processes as and if needed to address their specific needs.What were once thought to be irreconcilable movements are now finding common ground, or are they?Alan Shimel of Dev sits down with this great panel of ITSM, ITIL and Dev Ops experts— Cherry Vu, Rob England, and Jayne Groll to discuss how Dev Ops and ITSM can compliment each other and what the future holds for both. So, the topic today is sort of crossing streams with ITSM and Dev Ops. But what we’ve seen, over the last two and a half, three years, is that there is a place where these come together for the good of IT and humanity.You know, I think when the Dev Ops community talks about Ops, they don’t always mean what we think of when we think of Ops. I consider Dev Ops and tools kind of like a happy marriage together because they support each other and they make each other better, so I think it’s a happy marriage if we do it right.And, as Jayne said in her presentation that they need to have better communication between them both and speak the same language, and understand each other just.Since V3, ITIL has been narrowed down to 5 “lifecycle” phases.The lifecycle is circular, with 5 highly interrelated phases.From there, there are Intermediate courses/certifications in each of the lifecycle phases. Either path can lead to the ITIL Expert and ITIL Master certifications. There you have it, an explanation of ITIL in under 700 words!Feel free to contact me if you have questions, or I can help you on your way to Excellence in IT Service Management.!ITSM is a generic phrase describing the field of Service Management as applied to providing IT Services.ITIL, on the other hand, is a specific framework of guidance that is owned and managed by Axelos.


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