Things Fall Apart Research Paper

Throughout his life, Okonkwo attempts to be his father’s direct opposite.

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For instance, Igbo outcasts, the Osu, become accepted in the society.

As the Christian religion gains legitimacy, more Igbo people including prominent sons became converted.

The conversation is about different occurrences that have happened in their area since the arrival of colonialists.

Obierikas view in the statement is echoing Okonkwo’s own thoughts on colonialism.

The three distinct characters to be discussed are Okonkwo, Chielo and Nwoye. Okonkwo is the materialization of male dominance in a family setting. Things Fall Apart Roll No: Teacher: 23rd February 2009 Things Fall Apart Things Fall Apart by Achebe keeps the theme of colonization at its center.

The novel shows European entrants into the African villages and their attempt at converting the natives of Africa into Christians.Nwoye’s final decision to leave his father house clearly shows the cultural collapse the new religion brought to the Igboland.The Story Though Okonkwo is a respected leader in the Umuofia tribe of the Igbo people, he lives in fear of becoming his father, Unoka, an idle, poor, profligate, cowardly, and gentle man and could not even think of tomorrow.He becomes prosperous, thrifty, courageous, violent, and adamantly opposed to anything else that he perceives to be “soft,” such as conversation, music, and emotion.He marries three women and fathers eleven children among.His body is evil, and only strangers may touch it." (178) He is excited to know that suicide is grave sin and none of Okonkwo’s clansmen may touch his body. His participation in the sacrificial killing of Ikemefuna could be said to have ruined Okonkwo's life.There is a memorable question that old Uchendu asks, which emphasizes the position of women in "Things Fall Apart" in a dramatic way: "Can you tell me, Okonkwo, why it is that one of the commonest names we give to our children is Nneka, or "Mother is Supreme" We all know that a man is the head of the family and his wives do his bidding.He is disappointed by the fact that the white men have arrived and sought to change everything in the process disregarding the Igbo sense of Justice, he identifies the impossibility of the colonizers not to......, “It is against our custom, it is an abomination for a man to take his own life.It is an offense against the Earth, and a man who commits it will not be buried by his clansmen.  Topic: “Things Fall Apart": Book Review Love for truth, painful experiences, sticking to the grassroots realities, imagination based on the practical vision......decision concerning Ikemefuna was motivated by the fact that Okonkwo had shot at Ekwefi.Although he’s just killed his adopted son, Okonkwo shows no emotion because he wants to be seen as courageous and not weak like his own father was.Inside, though, Okonkwo feels painful guilt and regret.


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