Tolerance Essays

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The collection includes the classic essays "Preference and Urgency," "A Theory of Freedom of Expression," and "Contractualism and Utilitarianism," as well as other essays that have not been generally accessible until now.

I do not define success economically; I define success socially.

To succeed in the future, we will need to be tolerant of one another's background, opinions, and lifestyle. We no longer are able to live and work only with people who went to the same schools and went to the same parties as our parents and we did.

Never one to back down and let others run the show, Sophie speaks her mind and voices her opinions. "My goal is to invent something to help our environment."-- Sophie Vizza Hines Geek. Our mom is a music teacher and always encourages us.

Once when she was skateboarding in the park, five high-school guys remarked, "Girls can’t skateboard! At our grandparents’ 5oth anniversary, in front of hundreds of people, Lacie stole the microphone from me!


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