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A few of the subjects I tutor in include Essay Editing, Public Speaking, SAT Prep, American College Testing, Reading, Literature, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Math, Writing, ISEE and SSAT Test Prep, and more subjects.

The approaches I use in tutoring my students are mini-lessons and modeling.

And you can use the interactive whiteboard to brainstorm ideas and work on sections that need extra writing help. Whether you have one day or one week to turn in your paper, our online proofreading tutors are ready to help you right away.

You can also use the chat feature to discuss ways to correct grammar and punctuation mistakes. All of our proofreading sessions happen in real-time in our online classroom, so you never have to email your paper somewhere and wait for a response.

My name is Kathleen and I reside in West Hartford, Connecticut. After a year, I returned to school, and obtained a master's degree in Education.

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Before I became a high school teacher, I used to be an accountant. Subjects: Physics, Chemistry Loves tutoring because: "That "aha" moment when a problem makes sense is quite satisfying and to be there with the student when it happens is a privilege." Background: Graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a BA in Physics and BA in Chemistry. I also love exploring new dishes and treats through baking and cooking. Subjects: Algebra II, Calculus Loves tutoring because: “That moment when the light bulb finally comes on for a student and they understand something they've been struggling with.” Background: Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mathematics from University of Central Florida; minor in Statistics. For fun: Volunteer naturalist for local Audubon and study French. Subjects: Biology, Earth Science, Elementary Science, Elementary Math, Mid-Level Math Loves tutoring because: "I think being able to log in as a student and get help 24 hours a day is awesome. in Biological Science from California State University, Fullerton. Completed undergrad at the Air Force Academy and received a Master''s Degree from Columbia University. Bachelor's of Science in Electrical Engineering from Tufts University. For fun: Camping, hiking and biking whenever possible. Subjects: Chemistry Loves tutoring because: "I make chemistry at least a little more comprehensible to someone." Background: Ph. For fun: Reading novels, going to the gym, drinking tea, playing and watching tennis. Subjects: Algebra II, Geometry, Statistics Loves tutoring because: “I love that moment when a student goes from confused and hating a subject to having something click inside them and realize that the subject isn't as bad as they think it is.” Background: Pursuing a Ph. For fun: Working on a second Masters’ degree in statistics. I wish I had known about this service when I was going to school.” Background: Scientific aide in marine fisheries. For fun: As long as I'm outdoors and near the ocean I am happy. Subjects: Physics Loves tutoring because: “I think it makes students more confident when they can ask questions in a comfortable environment and realize that they can solve problems on their own.” Background: Works as an assistant professor of Physics. For fun: All kinds of yoga classes, reading and running! Subjects: Elementary Math, Mid-Level Math, Social Studies Loves tutoring because: “Like most tutors, I love seeing the ‘ah-ha! Subjects: Algebra, Elementary Science, Earth Science, Biology Time with Tutor: 2 years. For fun: Playing the piano and singing in the local community chorale. Subjects: Biology, Elementary Science Loves tutoring because: "I get the chance to work with lots of great students, and they always have new and challenging biology or science questions that keep me fresh." Background: Former high school science teacher with a Bachelor's Degree in Education from Marquette University and a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Carroll University.Are you full of creative and thoughtful ideas, but losing points for grammar and punctuation mistakes in your essays?I believe that they would learn better by watching me, and mentally digesting their lessons in small chunks rather than all at once.In my free time, I enjoy reading, baking, photography, and puzzles. I’m a big fan of staying fit, so I either go swimming, biking or running most days Jeffrey H. Subjects: English, Essay Writing Loves tutoring because: I never know what the next student is going to teach me! ’ moment when students forge new connections, and it feels great seeing them take more independence with their work.” Background: B. in History and Anthropology from University of Pittsburgh. Background: Teach college biology and algebra online. Subjects: Chemistry, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Calculus, Physics Loves tutoring because: "It allows me to meet a wide variety of people and learn how they learn." Background: BS in Chemistry from Brown University. For fun: I love to go biking and running on trails. you get that little thrill when the light comes on as they master a concept." Background: Mechanical Engineering and nine years as an Air Force pilot. Subjects: Chemistry, Organic Chemistry Loves tutoring because: "Interacting with and mentoring students." Background: Ph. For fun: Following baseball with a fervor and trying new coffee shops. Subjects: Statistics, Algebra Loves tutoring because: "I love that I can positively affect a student's life, even in a small way." Background: 4 years with Master's Degree in Mathematics from Villanova University. I try to help them avoid formulaic cliche essays, and focus instead on details that let their best shine through. For me, it's not a job, but a calling.” Background: Freelance writer and former high school teacher with a Journalism degree from University of Pittsburgh, and Secondary English and Communications Teaching Certifications from St. For fun: Play the guitar and sing in an acoustic band with my husband. Subjects: Statistics, Middle Grades Math Loves tutoring because: "I help students gain the confidence to tackle math problems on their own." Background: Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Biochemistry and Mathematics, with a concentration in Statistics, at Case Western Reserve and Purdue University. Degree in Secondary Mathematics from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. in Demographic Analysis from Truman State University. It is fun to work with a diverse set of students and subjects.” Background: Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UCLA. For fun: Photography, voice acting, game design and music composition/performance. Subjects: Algebra I & II, Trigonometry, Calculus, Geometry Loves tutoring because: "Working one-to-one with a student is so rewarding? Awarded a Chemistry Professorship at Carthage College. Subjects: Elementary and Mid-Level Math, Statistics Loves tutoring because: "It''s great to connect with a student who is working really hard to gain a better understanding of a math concept." Background: Math instructor for pre-college programs at Johns Hopkins University. Subjects: English, Essay Writing Loves tutoring because: "I help students work on college application essays and am so impressed with their ambitions and dreams." Background: Bachelor's from Hanover College. Subjects: English, Essay Writing Loves tutoring because: “I love teaching and tutoring, and I truly enjoy working with students. For fun: I walk several miles a day, enjoy yoga and am crazy about my four rescue pets. Subjects: Math Loves tutoring because: "It has made me a better teacher." Background: High school math teacher, football and track & field coach. Subjects: Chemistry Loves tutoring because: "I find it rewarding to share my knowledge and passion for science with students just being introduced to the subject." Background: Majored in Forensic Chemistry as an undergraduate at Ohio University and received a Master's Degree in Analytical Chemistry from Florida State. For fun: Reading, playing the guitar, playing chess and collecting coins and currency. Subjects: Algebra I, Social Studies Loves tutoring because: “I'm so happy to be able to fill in the gaps for kids, to work one on one with them in a less pressured environment.” Background: B. For fun: Singing in choirs, watching cooking shows galore, working on a novel with my best friend and studying Chinese. Subjects: Chemistry, Algebra, Mid-Level Math Loves tutoring because: "It''s a great feeling to be able to take the student from "I don't know where to begin this problem" to "I get it!


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