What Is Literature Review In Research Paper

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Instead, focus on using the literature review to aid in setting a foundation for the manuscript.Literature reviews play an important role in the discussion section of a manuscript.

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The methodological type concentrates on how the findings were achieved in different cases.

The systematic literature review summarizes everything connected with a research problem.

A literature review is a summary of studies related to a particular area of research.

It identifies and summarizes all the relevant research conducted on a particular topic.

Though there is a number of them, they must be united by a certain idea.

Usually, it is prompted by the direction in which the research is conducted.

At the same time, the review has its own structure which is built around the thesis formulated in the introduction.

It is a separate work and a subdivision of the research simultaneously.

A research paper requires information about works done by other specialists.

Their description is published in different scientific journals and books.


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