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But it’s important to note that the exact technology used in the study isn’t the same as what you’ll find in a sleep app or on You Tube. The apps will probably help, but not to the same level.” It doesn’t matter what kind of pink noise or white noise you pick, Dr. The sound of a babbling brook drives you up a wall? Some folks, she says, like headphones that are like a headband, so they don’t have to have the earbuds in their ears. You can become conditioned to anything you use to fall asleep, Dr. “It’s like the child who conditions herself to fall asleep with a teddy bear.

There’s also no hard-and-fast rule regarding volume. If she doesn’t have the teddy bear, she won’t sleep as well,” she says. No, but she associates it with falling asleep.” So the Pavlovian conditioning is a positive thing, Dr. Thankfully, technology has made this conditioning much more manageable to rely on too.

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