Who Changed My Life Essay

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000 – scholarship and college admittance into one of the best universities in the state: Ashland University in Ohio. I give particular gratitude to the Grand River Academy community for my ample readyings and being portion of my accomplishments.Participating in the undertaking squad earned me this scholarship privilege and the key to my college instruction.

Even her cheek bones could be seen under her sunken cheek, her listless eyes stared into the air as she fingered a checked cloth. She was once a ravishing beauty, with her long,silky, black hair, slim, prominent nose, eyes like chocolate drops and pale slim hands.

I will not say perfect, because perfection is often unobtainable and when a person does not meet that expectation, it can cause self doubt.

I do say excellence, because excellence is something that is very much obtainable and when met can cause a person to never stop pursuing his or her goals or dreams.

She had gone for high tea at Raffles Hotel with her friends. Being not able to resist the temptation, Mum bought bags and bags of clothes and shoes. She wanted me to take her home but i was too tied up with work, so I told her to take the public transport.

The next thing i knew was receiving a call from the police.


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