Why Do I Want To Study Abroad Essay

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What’s cool about New Zealand’s cuisine is it’s unique enough that you feel you are being authentically adventurous in trying new things, but it’s not so exotic that how it mixes with your stomach is a serious concern (there’s no Montezuma’s revenge here, folks).

Pavlova, meat pies, pineapple lumps are go-to, genuine delicacies, each comprised with fresh, familiar tastes combined in unique ways you’ve never experienced before.

There’s bungee jumping, caving, glacier hiking, and paragliding.

Plus, there are shotover jets, rocket-like boats that zoom within the local rivers, if you prefer water adventures. Exploring New Zealand’s adventure opportunities will provide you with memories for a lifetime and amazing stories to tell relatives and friends back home.

Professional sports are as significant in New Zealand as they are in the U.

S.; however, the popular sports in New Zealand are rugby and cricket.

An added bonus is that there are several free day hike trails, such as Mount Robert and Bealey Spur Track, which offer the finest views of the spectacular scenery.

You may even spot one of the many bird species that are unique to New Zealand, like the kiwi bird.

If you need more proof, here are more reasons why you should study abroad in New Zealand. The 2019 Scholarship to Study Abroad in New Zealand is running now! While all other elements are important, perhaps the most significant factor of your decision is the quality of the educational programs available throughout your semester abroad.

After all, it isn’t called ‘study’ abroad for nothing.


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