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He has written and edited more than 40 books, both fiction and nonfiction. Buckley talked about his body of published works, people who have influenced his thinking, and his political philosophies.When it comes to Buckley, most have remarked on his “High Church,” “patrician,” or “slight English” accent, using it as a license to draw conclusions about his political beliefs or those of his supporters.But beyond his Anglo-Saxon timbre, Buckley’s fluency in Spanish may have been the more important of his linguistic influences.He had founded and become the president of Pantepec Oil Company in 1913 and quickly allied his business to the short-lived military government of Victoriano Huerta. most often made political allegiances that suited his property and power, sometimes over his perceived political ideology. Months later, after Wilson occupied the port of Veracruz following a bizarre incident in Tampico, Buckley Sr.This made some of his political decisions seem haphazard. House, a close confidant of Woodrow Wilson’s, advocating for U. was tapped by Emilio Rabasa to counsel the Mexican delegation to a peace summit meant to resolve the brooding tensions between the two nations.Another, which drew him close to the Spanish-speaking world, was Catholicism.The armed struggle of the Mexican Revolution had effectively ended in 1920.Bush before him, iconic figures of the post-9/11 U. Buckley’s era of snobbish conservatism spanned from the Goldwater 1960s through the Nixon ’70s and the Reagan ’80s.Trump’s age of vulgar rhetoric began in the late 1990s and will continue for the foreseeable future.Only later would he take his intellectual encounter with Spanish language and culture to heart, setting out, in 1963, to write a sequel to Ortega’s book he wishfully titled The Revolt Against the Masses. But Buckley learned from Ortega the importance of what the latter called “specially qualified” minorities in checking the power of the masses and leaders.There was an intellectual elite, in other words, that needed to make sure that leaders such as Eisenhower kept in line and didn’t appeal to vulgar, middlebrow interests. Even as God and Man at Yale hit bookstore shelves in fall 1951, Buckley was already at work on another book project, though this time not his own.


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