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It just kept getting worse and worse until I thought my life couldn't fall into any more pieces, and then I realized that the pieces themselves were blowing away and I was left standing on a street corner in a foreign city where no one spoke my language. We decided to separate about a month ago (saying that we "broke up" seems too...small..really describe it).

Scott left for his reasons, and I left because I realized that I'd been working really hard for a long time to convince myself that the relationship I had was the relationship that I wanted, and I had finally realized that it wasn't.

The Culinary Institute of America offers an adult degree completion Bachelor of Professional Studies in Culinary Arts program.

Students receive an in-depth culinary arts education that builds on their previous studies.

It was like a snowball picking up speed as it bumps it's way down a hill, gathering ice and twigs and dirt and debris in its passing. All my pretenses, all my dreams, my whole idea of my reality. Don't worry--I'm not about to let this blog become one of those confessional Scott and I started talking again a week or so ago.

It was like catching sand in your hands, like trying to hold water. I thought about not telling you this bit, but it felt dishonest to leave it out. I've been working on my application to culinary school this past week and while I was writing my personal statement, I found a lot of emotions coming up that made me think that a -personal statement might make a good frame for talking about everything--in true MFA creative non-fiction memoir style. Because I know Scott, because we've been together for four and a half years, because we've been through a lot together, I knew immediately that there was more behind that little query than might first appear. The past few weeks have been...oh, a slew of tired metaphors come to mind, all of which I've used at one point or another when talking with friends and family. What I didn't realize at the time was that when I opened my fist and let go, I was letting go of a whole lot more than my relationship with All the pain and the hurt and the anger that I'd been feeling--it was like a great tidal wave swept through my life. I do know beyond all doubts that things will be different. That post back in February (HERE) barely scratched the surface, honestly. I wanted so desperately to truly be the person I was trying to be--that image of myself was so...appealing and perfect. These past few weeks, by talking with friends and working with a therapist (yes, I started seeing a therapist) and just...sitting quietly with myself, I've only just started to understand how all of this came to be and how I can move forward. I think this blog has been one of those places where I tried to cling to this..of myself. But I also think that it's become a place where I could avoid facing some real issues and keep pretending like this strong, peppy, 'together' person was the real me. But instead, it looks like I'm just going to have to blurt everything out because this coming at it sideways and cat-like thing just isn't working tonight. And because I know Scott, because we've been together for four and a half years, because we've been through a lot together, I knew that Scott himself didn't necessarily realize how much was going on behind those few spare words. It's been like peeling an onion where exposing each layer only approximates getting closer to the core of things, but never quite does. I found myself stripped of everything I had been clinging to for longer than I care to admit. That person is/was really just a part of the real me, and I think I'd like to start getting to know some of the other parts of the real me. You’ll also need to decide between a campus-based or online program.While most Culinary Arts programs are delivered in face-to-face format for obvious reasons, there are schools that offer high-quality online degrees and certificates in a wide range of culinary areas.The institute itself occupies 38,000 square feet in two modern free-standing buildings complete with a student tasting auditorium, two student lounges, and ten kitchen and pastry labs.If you’ve dreamed of taking part in the New York food scene, this might be your chance.Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts offers an Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts program that provides a strong foundation of foodservice, operations, and management skills that directly transfers to your first day of work in the culinary field.AESCA intentionally focuses on short, fast-paced, and hands-on programs dedicated to food, cooking, and palate development.Beginning with foundational, hands-on culinary courses, students move on to an array of electives or a concentration that allows you to focus on your area of interest.Courses include: CIA’s BPS in Culinary Arts is a hands-on completion program (you must have completed 30-60 credits of liberal arts and other courses) that is comprised of 60 credits of required and elective coursework.


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