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UK research relies on RSEs, so a campaign started by RSEs and the Software Sustainability Institute founded the UK RSE Association to bring together RSEs to share knowledge, provide support and help campaign for recognition in academia.

A number of groups have been created to support the growing community of RSEs.

This meant that people who write code were being locked into a position who’s success is judged on the number of papers they write, which had the effect of halting their career.

The term “Research Software Engineer” was first coined in 2012.

RSECon UK 2019 will be held at the University of Birmingham, Tuesday 17th to Thursday 19th September 2019.

Join us on Slack to get the latest updates on the conference, #ukrse19.The details differ from one field to another and from one research method to another, but good papers often use identifiable, widely-used patterns to present and defend the results.Scientific and engineering fields can be characterized by the kinds of questions they find interesting, by the kinds of results they find useful in answering those questions, by the kinds of methods they use to obtaining the results, and by the kinds of evidence they accept to demonstrate the validity of the results.— Steven Novella Scientific research papers are purposeful, designed artifacts whose function is to communicate research results clearly and convincingly.To do this, a paper must identify the result, explain the method with which the result was obtained, and present evidence that the result is valid.Real research projects are much richer, of course, but the conference-scale units are useful building blocks in the larger setting and a more manageable first target.This site has three major sections: The pattern language itself, the papers that exemplify the patterns, and resource material such as papers on specific research methods. From the humanities to physics, biology to archaeology, software plays a vital role in generating results.Not all researchers can become skilled software engineers, so a new role has developed in academia: the Research Software Engineer (RSE).If you are from a pre-approved institution you can signup here.The IEEE/ACM Automated Software Engineering (ASE) Conference series is the premier research forum for automated software engineering.


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