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The first thing you need to do before writing an academic essay is examine the topic you are about to write on.After understanding the arguments the topic directs you to, you then need to assemble the facts that will support your line of reasoning.

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A well-formatted academic essay should generally have an introduction that contains your thesis statement; a body of paragraphs that presents your arguments according to the thesis and a conclusion section that sums up your stand and reviews the essay’s argument on the main topic.

To format an academic essay also demands you to observe the pre-defined requirements of font style, indentations, and paper margins.

Thereafter, you have to present your reasoning by referring to the facts, rather than listing them out as your arguments.

An essay topic contains terms that determine the way you will argue.

In conclusion, an academic essay is a form of writing that allows you to present your arguments within a set of standards.

When you master this skill, you will allow readers to consume your reasoning without distractions from an unexpected format and chaotic analysis.

Consequently, your arguments must display a good grasp of the concept before presenting their position.

An essay topic may also require you to evaluate a set of arguments, results, or data.

Therefore, let us first look at how you should determine the keywords that establish the general line of argument of an academic essay.

An essay topic may use the key terms, compare, analyze, argue or evaluate to establish the type of arguments that the essay requires.


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