Writing A Research Paper In High School

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Use your thesis statement to state your primary argument and the primary points that support your conclusion. The outline should also clarify any major claims as well as state some of the opposing views you will address.

A good and thorough outline should make the rest of the paper easier for you to write because you’ll already have your thoughts organized.

Before you submit your completed work, make sure you’ve produced a well-organized, readable, focused, coherent, and supportable essay.

And doublecheck that your thesis is well stated at the start of your paper and well supported by the end.

— Once you’ve completed your first draft, proofread, revise, and rewrite as needed. Also look for gaps in your argument, redundancy, awkward phrasing, and other errors in flow or thought.

Tie up unresolved ideas and smooth out the style of your paper to make it readable, concise, thorough, persuasive, and interesting. Before you start digging too deeply, do a wide survey of the field.Your first draft must develop those thoughts and present them in a readable context.With a strong thesis and a well-organized outline, it should be much easier to compose your first draft.If the paper requires substantial revision, you may need to do more than a quick edit.If your thesis isn’t defensible, your evidence doesn’t hold up to scrutiny, or your argument can be easily dismantled, you may need to take a step back and consider a full rewrite.— Only after you have studied your subject and supported your opinions with relevant and defensible data, and only after you have organized your thoughts into an outline, are you ready to write your paper.This stage can be further broken down into three basic steps: writing your thesis, constructing an outline, and incorporating your research.We’ll tell you how research works, and we’ll outline the basic steps you’ll need to write a strong research paper.Research writing can be a challenge, but with a little practice and a bit of patience, it can become an important part of your academic and professional arsenal. ) If we break the process into three broad stages, the research portion should occupy the majority of your time.Find simple summaries and make sure enough depth exists to warrant your continued research. Once you’ve picked a topic and surveyed it, take a deeper dive.Find the major view on your subject, identifying key resources, reading these with depth, recording their main arguments, pulling key quotes, and recording your unprocessed thoughts on the subject.


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