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Writing prompts are meant to open up the imagination as well as the creativity within; to improve these skills you are learning and feel connected to your writing.When you succeed at writing prompts, you will take your writing to a whole new level.

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Tie the word, "joy" to a dog careening around the yard when it sees its owner after two long years at war.

Make your readers cry or laugh out loud at the coffee shop. Make them Sometimes, the inspiration bug bites when you're all strung-out from being up too late.

If you want to become a better writer, find some free writing contests for teenagers online and submit everything you wouldn't be embarrassed to see plastered all over the Internet.

Often, contests come with editing or feedback, which can really help you improve. Not all good writers write poetry, plays, scripts, and novels.

Blogs are great for demonstrating an author's voice. Get started on some really unique creative writing prompts. sprinkled throughout, especially when the author is a skater kid from Fresno. Yes, you should adjust your tone and level of formality based on the writing situation (blog vs.

So, if it's there, and you've got a second, read it. research paper), but you don't have to become a different Just drop the word "nice" from your vocabulary. Same goes for "good." There are thirty-seven better ways to say what you mean. By exploring a different set of beliefs, you open up your brain to endless creativity, and maybe garner some fodder for your next debate, too. If your writing assignment is to report on the local parade and you fail to mention the shrieking kids, dripping chocolate ice cream cones, and rat-tat-tatting from the marching band's snare drum, then you've failed.

If you're writing to gain entrance to your first choice for college, then perhaps you'd better not talk about that time you made it to second base with your love interest. Just for the heck of it, allow yourself to consider the possibility that the opposite opinion is actually correct. Instead of talking about justice as a vague idea, tie the word, "judgment," to the sound the gavel makes as it hits the judge's desk.

Your teacher is not interested in your sticker collection, and the readers on your blog don't care about the stellar research project you put together on the migratory habits of emperor penguins. Write your next essay defending the 180 of your thought processes. Tie the word, "sadness," to a young mother lying on her husband's freshly dug grave.

Yep, cereal boxes, magazines, blogs, novels, the newspaper, ads, e-zines, you name it. Good writing will challenge you to up your game, and bad writing will help you learn what A variety of reading materials can influence you in subtle ways, too. Tear apart the poems you find meaningless on your next essay.

Ads are often perfect examples of succinct, persuasive text. Research a touchy political subject like immigration, abortion, gun control, capital punishment, and unions.


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