Writing Paper With Lines

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The basic idea is to let the app and the paper actually see each other and the rest will happen automatically.

Make sure the four corner markers are visible in the display – hold still for a moment – let the app capture your note – and save or share your note in a way you like. The concept is patented and yet very simple: Since markings from pens are dark they interfere with the traditional dark lines of ordinary paper.

We have a nice variety including 3 different sized lines in portrait and landscape layouts.

We have some with spots for kids to draw pictures and then write about it.

General handwriting writing paper for general handwriting practice.

The next few steps will allow you to choose a theme for the top and bottom borders of your paper as well as choose a custom image to dress it up.Dotted Lined: a line divided into 2 (tall, short letters) with space between each new line of writing; Handwriting printables with drawing box - available soon.This lined paper is ideal for writing narrations and adding a drawing on to the page. in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood. This paper has tracer lines so that early printers can easily write a short note to grandparents or friends.See the Handwriting Practice Sheets I have available for 3 styles - Manuscript, D'Nealian and Cursive and for different ages.They are free to download and they are A-Z practice sheets with dotted letters and lines to copy the different letter shapes.On Whitelines there is no visual interference between the lines and the pen color.Whitelines makes your writing and drawings stand out.This paper is ideal for practicing individual alphabet letters, numerals, and punctuation characters.Each letter, number or character is written within a character spacer line.


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