Y Tu Mama Tambien Analysis Essay

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And the style of it manages to capture the balance between juxtaposing the every day friendship of two teenage boys with much wider, heavier issues. This month, we’re working on classic international movies.And thanks to the GITS community, we’ve got at least 22 movies in the works and hopefully more!

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Ultimately I think this is a classic movie because it distinguishes itself in an authentic way. A road movie, in Spanish with young actors improvising a lot of the dialogue.

My Favorite Moment All the moments where the soundtrack is silenced and the narrator comments on seemingly unrelated things that have happened or will happen in the outside world.

Why I Think This is a Classic International Movie Describing as a quintessential road movie about two teenage boys and an older woman is accurate it’s just that it barely does the reality of it justice.

There are layers and intricacies and a much deeper message here.

However, the detail and grace that Cuarón pays to these characters and their country results in a much more affecting and even tragic journey than the typical genre film.

We are first introduced to Tenoch (Diego Luna) as we watch him having sex with his equally libidinous girlfriend, quickly followed by a scene of Julio (Gael García Bernal) following suit.There is something very potent about the way this character insight is conveyed by the narrator in such a seamless, unassuming and un-judgemental way. My Favorite Dialogue Narrator talking over a long shot of the car driving a stretch of road, shot through the front windscreen.“If they had passed this spot ten years earlier, they would have seen a couple of cages in the middle of the road… Shortly after more crushed cages, filled with bleeding chickens flapping their wings.Later on, an overturned truck surrounded with smoke.Instead they live in their very own testosterone filled bubble.At a bridal party they end up meeting Tenoch’s cousin’s wife, Luisa., especially scenes on a phantom beach called “Heaven’s Mouth”, is breathtakingly stunning, Cuarón is careful to point out that this “beautiful” country as Luisa calls it not only exudes life, but also death. On a surface level, is a quintessential road movie, following two pubescent, sticky teenage boys accompanied by an unlikely bedfellow in the form of a married Spaniard named Luisa.The plot seems to be a perfect equation for the latest Mexican sex comedy.It’s a constant, albeit detached commentary on the current (for the time) social and political climate of Mexico and the way this sometimes overlaps into the characters lives.At one point the narrator tells us they are passing through the village of Tenoch’s nanny, who left when she was 13 to work for Tenoch’s family in Mexico City, and that until he was 4, Tenoch called her mom. Tenoch chooses not to mention this to the others in the car, and in doing so this small moment speaks volumes of Mexican class divisions and culturally created attitudes.Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries.We are engaged on the issue and committed to looking at options that support our full range of digital offerings to the EU market.


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