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The shade of this one is much more vivid than what's used in the purple notebooks.It looks an awful lot like store-brand lime sherbet, for an idea of what I mean. I was shocked at how small it is, but the lines are spaced well and the paper is a good quality. The A5 size is small enough to carry around in my purse, on field trips, or to stash in a larger book for taking notes.

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In the age of floppy disks, the yellow legal pad holds its own.'' I cannot live without legal pads,'' declares Pat Conroy, who writes his novels on them.'' Can a word processor draw squiggles? Heffner, who writes introductions on them for his '' Open Mind'' program on public television.'' It's a tool of the trade,'' says Judith E.

Use highlighted Highlighter Paper to provide a helpful visual prompt for writers.

Highlight paper features a "highlighted" bottom writing area that prompts students to correctly write letters on the line.

Wide lines (item #120109-W) includes 50 sheets, seven lines per 11" x 8-1/2" page.

Kindergarten (item #120107-K) includes 50 sheets, 5 lines per 11" x 8-1/2" page.You can also paste photos inside and create a scrapbook.I really like the paper used in these Midori notebooks.The pretty design on the front cover has an oval area outlined in gold for labeling the notebook.The notebooks are bound with two staples and contains 28 sheets (56 pages).In the early 1900's, it seems, a Baltimore printer and supplier for law firms asked for a legal-length pad that wouldn't come apart. Heffner, who favors the 8 1/2-by-11 3/4 variety (they fit better in his file cabinet), and who ''can't create on a machine,'' says: '' When you look at a pad of yellow paper, the juices flow.Yellow would stand out in a pile of white, and a left-side margin would allow for scribbling. I squeeze a little word in here, a little word in there.My only complaint about the yellow-green notebook is that the color is a little more in-your-face than I was expecting.I'd only used the purple notebooks in the past, but decided to try some other colors.Siegel-Baum demand tradition: pads 8 1/2-by-14 inches, the hue of a canary. That way, the pages stay put when you flip them, yet yield if you want to rip them.But lavender legal pads have turned up, to say nothing of baby blue.


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